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Swiss Map Mobile

Flat rate for Swiss Map Mobile

Swiss Map Mobile is available as an annual subscription, which contains the entire Switzerland and even more maps at an affordable price.
The subscription allows also a platform change between iOS and Android devices.
Already purchased map sectors and packs of map tile remain valid and can still be used.


Swiss Map Mobile iPhone / iPad

iPhone / iPad with Swiss Map Mobile application

Digital national maps for iPhone and iPad. With moving map function and recording of waypoints and routes.

Swiss Map Mobile Android

Android with Swiss Map Mobile application

Swiss Map Mobile brings Swiss national maps to your Android smart phone or tablet.

Swiss Map on the mobile phone

The digital national maps of Switzerland 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:100 000 and 1:500 000

The product Swiss Map Mobile integrates the Swiss national maps with your mobile. The built-in GPS receiver centers the position of the mobile phone on the map and a mark indicates the current position. The map scale can be arbitrarily chosen. If the GPS receiver remains switched on, the map moves with the user, thanks to the Moving Map Function. You will never lose your way again!

Swiss Map Mobile covers the entire area of Switzerland at the scales 1:25'000, 1:50'000, 1:100'000 and 1:500'000.


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Legal framework

Licence agreement of Swiss Map Mobile available only in German and French:


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