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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
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swisstopo web access - WMTS

Geodata from swisstopo can be acquired as map services to be used for dynamic web mapping. The service can be used for positioning own points of interest and locations on a map integrated into a website.

Examples for the use of swisstopo web access


Whom does the swisstopo web access - WMTS serve?

You can take advantage of the swisstopo web access if you want to complement your website with a dynamic map. Locations such as buildings, routes, zones and other geodata can be pinpointed easily. As geodata administrator you can now directly integrate data from swisstopo into your back end web infrastructure via an online interface and therefore eliminate drawn-out data integration processes.
  • WMTS Option
    For instance you can make use of the free OpenLayers library to design your web map and subsequently integrate the swisstopo web access - WMTS. A Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS) is a geographical web service which delivers maps in the form of small images, so-called tiles. This unfolds a lot of design possibilities. However, the integration of such services requires founded knowledge of JavaScript.
  • API Option
    an API is a programming interface (Application Programming Interface). The Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure offers you such an interface. With this you are given access to a framework of libraries, the help which of makes the integration of maps easy. Minor programming skills are sufficient to make use of this API.


What you get

swisstopo web access - WMTS provides you with a state of the art data service product. The complemetary OpenSource and OpenStandards based API covers the demands placed on a powerful modern geodata service..


  • Availability of swisstopo data: homogenous and high quality standard official data for the whole of Switzerland.
  • The data is updated on a regular basis.
  • Accesibility to all free of charge Federal geodata.
  • High performance map composition, comfortable navigation, scalability.
  • High interoperability through the support of prevalent standards and publishing of the API source code.
  • Only for use on websites, no desktop access.

Examples for the application of the swisstopo web access - WMTS:


Data and Maps

Already available:

Additionally all free of charge Federal geodata External website. Content opens in new window


Availability and support



There are two options available when registering for the service:

  • Non-binding free version
    • Free access of up to 25'000 megapixels/year, from the date of activation
    • Permanent free access for localhost
    • When the 25'000 megapixels have been used up, the service will be shut down if you don't pay the charges for further use. After 12 months you are given free access to 25'000 megapixels again.
    • Adequate for moderately frequented websites with a small map view window
  • Prepaid subscription
    • You decide how many megapixels your website requires (preferably on the basis of having tested the free version)
    • Choice of amount of megapixels (see detailed information)
    • Unused megapixels expire after 2 years

Please consider: The amount of megapixels used also depends highly on the size of the map in the website.


After registering you are given:

  • Access to the service
  • Usage statistics in your toposhop account
  • A status report after using up 90% of your credit
  • An information after using up 100% of your credit with a notice informing you about the term of shutting down of the service if you do not top up your credit 

To integrate swisstopo web access - WMTS into your website you must register for the use of the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure and accept the terms of use.


Detailed information on the prepaid subscription

Amount of megapixelsNumber of visitors/year*Price/year
100'000~ 5'000CHF 2'404.80
500'000~ 25'000CHF 8'164.80
1'000'000~ 50'000CHF 12'664.80

* For a full-screen map

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