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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
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Coordination, Geo-Information and Services (COGIS)

The tasks of COGIS

COGIS’s main tasks are

  • Further developing and supporting the implementation of the Swiss Federal strategy for geographical information in line with the GeoIA (Geoinformation Act)
  • Ensuring the operation of a federal coordination centre that is customer-oriented and authorised to make decisions as well as cross-departmental coordination of the activities of the Swiss Federal Administration in terms of geographical information (GI) and geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Ensuring the presence of a technical secretariat for the Swiss government’s interdepartmental coordination body for geographical information (GKG)
  • Running the Competence Centre for projects (CCP) and  managing the project portfolio on behalf of swisstopo
  • Running the Insitute of Military Geography (MilGeo) and coordinating GI and GIS activities in the DDPS in close collaboration with the Geo Officer V.
  • Helping the federal departments and cantons to enforce the GeoIA
  • Establishing and running the Federal Spacial Data Infrastructure (FSDI) as part of the National Spacial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
  • Establishing, running, supporting and further developing swisstopo’s information technology and geoinformation technology
  • Establishing and embedding swisstopo’s enterprise architecture
  • Ensuring integration management for the ICT services procured by swisstopo

The organisation of COGIS

Coordination, Geo-Information and Services DivisionCOGISAlain Buogo
Rolf Buser (deputy)
Geoinformation coordination and steeringIGKSRolf Buser
Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) Development and maintenanceIGEBCédric Moullet
GeoinformaticsIGIDominique Dufour
Institute of Military GeographyMILGEOPhilippe Schütz
Competence Center for projectsCCPWerner Balmer
The coordination of geographical information (GI) and the geographical information systems (GIS) within the Swiss Federal administration rests with the coordination agency for geoinformation on federal level GCG as the strategic management and supervisory body for COGIS. The GCG consists of one or more representatives of each of the seven departments of the Swiss Federal administration and the Federal Chancellery. It is chaired by the Director of swisstopo. The operational implementation of the strategy laid out by the GCG is the responsibility of the COGIS Division of swisstopo.


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Alain Buogo
Head of COGIS
Tel +41 58 469 04 01
Fax +41 58 469 04 59
Email to Alain Buogo




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