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New national maps for Switzerland


Why does Switzerland need new national maps?

The national map 1:25,000 that dates back to the 1950s no longer satisfies today's requirements. It is based on the state of technology and topographical principles that existed at that time. Requirements such as flexible use of data for various media, efficient processes in production, greater accuracy and faster data updates can only be fulfilled if a comprehensive upgrade is undertaken and the national map is compiled on new foundations.

In 2013, swisstopo began a comprehensive upgrade of the largest official map document for Switzerland – the national map 1:25,000 – with 247 sheets.

The new construction also means changes to the cartographic representation. Legibility will be improved as a result of a variety of measures that have been developed together with users, as part of a process that has received wide support. Changes include a new font style and colour differentiation, making objects such as railways easier to read. These improvements are visible in both the printed and digital versions of the maps.

The former national map 1:25,000 will be simultaneously replaced by the follow-up, with completion scheduled for 2019. In the long term, national maps of all scales will be converted.


Overall comparison

Overall comparison External website. Content opens in new window

Compare these changes for yourself with an overall view of the benefits of the new national map.

Comparisons of individual changes

Comparisons of individual changes

Compare the major individual changes between the old and new national map for yourself

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Notification of an amendment

Would you like to tell us about amendments, mistakes or additions that have not yet been taken into account in our maps and geodata? If so, you can use the revision service.


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