The 1:1 Million National Map has been updated

Switzerland and its neighbours on a handy overview map. Travellers, explorers or those just interested in geography will never lose sight of the big picture – thanks to this map.

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swisstopo app - ready for winter

Thanks to the newly optimised tour planning for ski and snowshoe tours and additional information on snow heights, the application is also the ideal companion for the winter season.

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New snow sports maps - now available in the shop!

They belong to every ski or snowshoe tour: the snow sports maps from swisstopo. Start the winter sports season safely and with pleasure thanks to 4 updated maps!

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Colloquia 2023

The colloquia for the winter semester 2022/2023 consist of a series of lectures followed by a discussion on topics chosen by the various swisstopo domains.

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In focus

Night sky over Zimmerwald

Night sky over Zimmerwald

On a hill near Bern lies the Zimmerwald geostation. It is the fundamental point for the Swiss geographical survey. Here, specialists carry out research into the cosmos – and receive the occasional night-time visitor.

Two specialists surveying the underground

Two specialists surveying the underground

Swisstopo geologists Eva Kurmann-Matzenauer and Salomè Signer are comprehensively studying the underground. They are developing 3-D models and thus creating solid bases for future utilisation of the realm beneath the surface.

swisstopo app

swisstopo app

The free map app from swisstopo lets you combine the National Maps of Switzerland with many other topics such as hiking, cycling, snow sports and aviation on your smartphone and tablet.

News about geodata

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New update of the SWISSIMAGE product with images of 2022. The canton of Appenzell (A. Rh. and I.Rh.) is now fully represented with the latest images.


swissBOUNDARIES3D Update
Fusion of municipalities in the canton of Jura

The 2023 edition of swissBOUNDARIES3D is available! This updated dataset contains all fusions of municipalities that came into effect on January 1, 2023.


Swiss Map Raster 1000 Update
SMR1000-Update 2022

The 2022 update of the National Map 1:1 million is now available as digital National Map Swiss Map Raster.

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