Update swissTLMRegio

Update swissTLMRegio

The update 2021 of our small-scale landscape model is available. swissTLMRegio represents the natural and man-made features of the landscape in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

Guided tours of swisstopo

Guided tours of swisstopo

Are you interested in how swisstopo measures and documents the Swiss landscape as well as the ground beneath your feet? Would you like to find out how much work goes into getting a map printed? Come and peek behind the scenes of the Federal Office of Topography!

Map of Mount McKinley from 1960

Map of Mount McKinley from 1960

When the stone giant was still called Mount McKinley, a map of the mountain was published the appearance of which resembled the Swiss national maps. How did this relationship come about?

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Geographical, geological and technical basics plus statutory mandates.

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