Tremola - Gotthard Pass
Tremola - Gotthard Pass

The mobile Switzerland

Discover the beautiful or mysterious objects that are hidden in the aerial images of swisstopo.

You've been through it, too?

It suddenly starts raining hard, but the building, which is covered according to swisstopo data, turns out to be a collapsed ruin! If you make similar observations, please let us know at

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The new swisstopo app

swisstopo offers a new mobile application for maps and geodata. It has been reprogrammed from scratch and combines the Swiss national maps with other topics such as hiking, cycling, snow sports and aviation for smartphones and tablets.

swisstopo app

The renovation of the Monte Generoso pyramid

Erected in 1919 on the summit of Monte Generoso, Ticino’s one and only pyramid has been renovated and restored to its former appearance in early summer 2020.

Switzerland’s pyramids

The Theodolite. A high-tech instrument on the Alpine summits

The theodolite was a key instrument in the production of topographic maps. The heavy, bulky, and complex instrument demanded a great deal of the porters and engineers but also took them to wild spots with breath-takingly beautiful scenery. But what exactly did theodolites do?

Space and time

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Basic data processing

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Geographical, geological and technical basics plus statutory mandates.

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Freely available online tools and geodata

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Maps, photos and applications available free of charge on the Internet (open data).

Online tools and geodata

Standard range

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Commercially available maps, photos, data and applications.

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Personalised supply

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Client-specific services for authorities and/or private individuals.

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