Prilly-Lausanne LEB Tunnel

Our geodata is continuously updated. The “Prilly-Lausanne LEB Tunnel” project is now complete and the change is already visible on our online maps


New National Maps 1 :25 000

6 new maps, 1162 Les Verrières, 1163 Travers, 1182 Ste-Croix, 1222 Cossonay, 1223 Echallens, 1244 Châtel-St-Denis

National maps 1:25000

Pictures of measurements as testimonies of time

This column presents exciting, surprising and adventurous chapters from the history of swisstopo.

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The unique Switzerland

The unique Switzerland

Discover the beautiful or mysterious objects that are hidden in the aerial images of swisstopo.

Folio - unique professions

Folio - unique professions

In this edition of the Folio, we have highlighted seven people with unique roles at swisstopo.

"cadastre" magazine

"cadastre" magazine

«cadastre» magazine is addressed in particular to specialists in the field of cadastral surveying and to everyone involved in the development and operation of the Cadastre of Public-law Restrictions on landownership (PLR-cadastre).

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Geographical, geological and technical basics plus statutory mandates.

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Maps, photos and applications available free of charge on the Internet (open data).

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