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Published on 16 January 2024


Climate protection, a secure energy supply and the limitations of above-ground development are important social issues. The exploitation of resources in the Swiss subsurface (georesources) is also increasingly coming into focus. In contrast to the above-ground spatial planning, the utilisation potential in the subsurface still needs to be assessed before a holistic utilisation plan can be established. This goal increases the need for data and knowledge concerning the subsurface as well as for intensified coordination among the various stakeholders.

8 January 2024

Underground space

As a result of the increasing limitations of above-ground development, subsurface space is gaining in importance. For sustainable planning of subsurface utilisation, the Swiss Geological Survey provides detailed knowledge about the nature of the subsurface.

8 January 2024


Heat from the subsurface has the potential to contribute to the heating and electricity supplies in Switzerland. As the independent federal competence centre for subsurface utilisation, the Swiss Geological Survey uses its geodata to promote the use of geothermal energy in Switzerland and supports the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) in promoting deep geothermal energy projects.

8 January 2024


Groundwater is a vital domestic resource. It plays an important role in the production of drinking water and in the utilisation of other georesources such as geothermal energy. Hydrogeological data and models are indispensable for sustainable groundwater management.

8 January 2024

Mineral raw materials

Mineral raw materials such as gravel, sand, lime and clay are widely used in the construction industry. They are mined in Switzerland to a large extent. The Swiss Geological Survey compiles reports and geodata on the national supply situation with domestic raw materials for decision-makers and the public.