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Geodata and applications

8 January 2024

Digital Maps

swisstopo’s digital maps are available in raster and vector formats. They form an excellent basis for digital use and further processing.

Aerial view of Zurich, confluence of the Limmat and Sihl rivers

8 January 2024


Images of swisstopo are an instant view of the landscape, taken from the ground, airplanes or from satellites. These survey photographs allow for geometrically high precision processing.

8 January 2024

Landscape Models

Landscape models display objects of the landscape in a flexible vector format. They consist of thematic layers (e.g. traffic). Each layer comprises georeferential objects in a point, line or polygon form or as a 3D feature. Each object has attributes and relations.

8 January 2024

Height Models

Height models are digital data sets which show the form of the earth's surface in 3D. Each set of X and Y coordinates shows a height (Z). Different products are available for various applications.

8 January 2024

Geological models

Geological models are digital datasets that show the subsurface in 3D and give information about its composition.

Special Geological Maps

8 January 2024

Digital Geological Maps

Digital geological maps provide information on the geological composition of the superficial strata of the terrestrial crust at scales of between 1:25'000 and 1:500'000.

12 December 2023

Digital Aeronautical Maps

Swiss aeronautical maps with airports, airfields, airspaces, restricted and hazardous zones as well as air safety information.

8 January 2024

Geodetic Software

For the needs of Geodesy and Land Surveying swisstopo produces or procures software and constantly improves and maintains it since a long time. The programs cover all areas of traditional surveying, geodesy and GPS positioning.

8 January 2024

swisstopo app

Discover even the remotest places in Switzerland with high quality maps. The free map app from swisstopo lets you combine the National Maps of Switzerland with many other topics such as hiking, cycling, snow sports and aviation on your smartphone and tablet. Ease of use and functionalities for planning and recording tours as well as experiencing the landscape in panorama mode, are some of the highlights of the app.

The image shows a map section from Lucerne to Solothurn, with the perimeters of the official list of places coloured in

8 January 2024

Official geographic directories of Switzerland

The directories of localities, streets and building addresses in Switzerland contain officially and legally verified data.

8 January 2024


Geoservices allow publishing and linking geographic information on the Internet. These services are used by applications to visualise or exchange data.

8 January 2024

General information on obtaining geodata

Various options are available for downloading swisstopo geodata, depending on the data set. Large data sets are divided into spatial units for downloading. In the case of smaller data sets, the complete data content in its full geographical extent will be delivered. A user interface helps you select and download the geodata. An application programming interface (API) also enables you to obtain the data.

8 January 2024

News about geodata

In this section you will find information about updates and news concerning swisstopo's geodata.

8 January 2024

Free basic geodata (OGD)

swisstopo makes its official data and products available online for free use. This step is part of the «Strategy for open administrative data in Switzerland 2019-2023» or Open Government Data (OGD) strategy.

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