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Digital Glider Map

Aeronautical map of Switzerland containing specific air traffic control information for gliders.


Map 1:300 000

The digital Glider Map contains the most recent information from skyguide, Data Management, CH-8058 Zürich, with additional air traffic control information for glider pilots. The basis map is a modified enlargement of the National Map of Switzerland 1:500,000.
Please note that only the printed version is legally binding.
Current state : March 25, 2021.

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  • Technical information
    Technical information concerning the Digital Glider Map of Switzerland (available in German, French).
    PDF, 1 page(s), 91 KB, German
  • Conventional signs
    Conventional signs for Glider Map (available in German, French, Italian).
    PDF, 3 page(s), 1 MB, English

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Digital Glider Map

Edition : 2021