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The orthophoto mosaic SWISSIMAGE HIST 1946 «US flight mission» is a composition of historical black and white aerial photographs from 1946 over the whole of Switzerland with a ground resolution of 1m.


The historical black and white Orthophotomosaic of Switzerland from 1946

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Images that have been freed of their distortions and therefore show a uniform scale over their entire surface, are designated as orthoimage. They can for instance be overlaid with other geodata and serve as a basis for accurate measurements of coordinates, distances and surfaces.


The historical dimension of SWISSIMAGE HIST 1946 and the possible comparison with newer orthophotos make it an ideal basis for studies on the evolution of natural and built environment.

Prices and Ordering

The dataset is not available for free download. Please send your orders to who will make an offer for the costs of the provision of the data. To facilitate the order, please specify the area of interest (rectangle in Swiss coordinates, municipality, etc.), the format and, if necessary, the resolution or variant.
SWISSIMAGE HIST 1946 can be displayed as a separate layer in In addition, the data is offered as a WMS and WMTS service.

Terms of use

Additional information

Technical Details

Coordinate system: LV03

Ground resolution: 1m

Average planimetrie precision: 5 - 10m

Data format : grayscale TIFF (1 x 8 bit) with TFW (World File)-georeference

Tiling: 1/16 of National Maps 1:25000 (4375 x 3000m)

SWISSIMAGE HIST 1946 covers the whole of Switzerland with the exception of individual tiles without images along the national border. In addition, the product has some data gaps, especially in the high mountains. In both cases, the missing images is due to the aerial image survey.

Sample Data

The sample data show their type and format. They are free of charge and can be used for test purposes only. It is not allowed to include them in a product.


Publications concerning SWISSIMAGE HIST 1946 are available only in German and French. Please select your preferred language in the navigation bar, to access the desired document.

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P.O. Box
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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern

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