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Terrestrial images

Terrestrial images are views of the landscape, taken from the ground.


Terrestrial images were taken after World War I and up to the beginning of the 1950s. There is no time series existing

Terrestrial images are analogue images on glass plates that are scanned and are provided exclusively in digital form. You can find detailed information about the terrestrial images under Image collection. With the LUBIS-Viewer application, you can search, display and order all terrestrial images, aerial photographs and aerial image strips which are registered in swisstopo’s LUBIS aerial imagery information system.

The product „Terrestrial imges“ is offered in two variants:

Single Image (Order on request to

  • Scanned terrestrial image
  • Data sheet (txt file, contains information about this one image)
  • Expert data sheet (pdf file, contains comprehensive information about the entire station in which this image was recorded)

Entire station (Order on request to

  • All scanned terrestrial images of this station
  • Data sheet for every single image (see above)
  • Expert data sheet (see above)


  • As a basis for studies of the development of landscapes and settlements
  • For historical questions
  • For nature and environmental research purposes
  • For general documentation
  • As a wall decoration or an attractive gift

Terms of use

Additional information

Technical Details

Terrestrial images

  • Data per photo: b/w, ca. 32-50 MB, 1 channel
  • Scan resolution: 21 µm (1210 dpi)
  • Data format: Tiff, 8 bit
Data sheet


txt file containing attributes  about this one image.


Expert data sheet

pdf file containing comprehensive information and attributes about the entire station in which this image was recorded.


Sample Data

The sample data show their type and format. They are free of charge and can be used for test purposes only. It is not allowed to include them in a product