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General information on obtaining geodata

Various options are available for downloading swisstopo geodata, depending on the data set. Large data sets are divided into spatial units for downloading. In the case of smaller data sets, the complete data content in its full geographical extent will be delivered. A user interface helps you select and download the geodata. An application programming interface (API) also enables you to obtain the data.


Obtaining datasets with full geographic coverage

Smaller data sets, each covering the entire area, are available as link lists. The individual links allow you to download the dataset in the desired form, e.g. in a specific format.

Example of a link list for smaller data sets, different formats are available

Obtaining large datasets with spatial subdivision

Large datasets are subdivided into spatial units for download. A user interface for easy downloading of the geodata is integrated into the web page of the respective dataset. The subdivision is displayed as a grid on an online map. With the help of this map you can select the desired units. Various filter options allow you to further limit your selection to obtain a list of download links.

User interface for downloading geodata divided into units

You can display the perimeter of each unit from the download list in the online map and thus refine your spatial selection, e.g. by deleting individual units from the list. You can then export a list with all links in CSV format or you can download the units individually.

If the result of your selection exceeds 50 units, only the link list in CSV format is available. This contains the download links for all the units you selected.

The CSV format can be read by various browser extensions. With the help of such an extension you can easily download all units in the list. The CSV file is also suitable for downloading the geodata automatically with the help of scripts, as shown in the example below.

Windows 10 - Powershell  Linux shell
gc .\file.csv | % {iwr $_ -outf $(split-path $_ -leaf)} wget -i file.csv

To optimize the download speed with Powershell, you have to disable the progress bar by using the following parameter:

$ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'

And to activate it again:

$ProgressPreference = 'Continue'


Obtaining geological data

The geological data are available in the form of lists and can be downloaded directly. To view the respective perimeter of a data set or its units, a link to the map viewer is available.

Access to geological data


The user interface for the selection of geodata works on the basis of the programming interface "Spatial Temporal Asset Catalogue" API STAC from

The API STAC is a dataset-based download service that provides access to the geodata sets and their metadata. The API provides various "endpoints" for data queries.

Further information on how to use the API can be found on the website

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