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Swiss Map Raster 10

Swiss Map Raster 10 is swisstopo’s largest scale topographic map. It stands out for its detailed representation of traffic, settlements, terrain and vegetation as well as its thorough labelling. The contents are supplemented by rock hachures and relief.


National mapping in digital raster format 1:10,000

The perimeter of the map covers the national territory of both Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Updates are made every year based on the latest version of swisstopo’s topographic landscape model (TLM). Swiss Map Raster 10 is produced in colour and greyscale and is available in the form of geo-referenced TIF data for individual sections of the perimeter. This product, which features a very high standard of cartography, forms the ideal basis for a variety of uses in the public administration and the private economy, as well as in scientific circles and by the general public.

For other formats or variants, please send your orders to who will make an offer for the costs of the provision of the data. To facilitate the order, please specify the area of interest (rectangle in Swiss coordinates, municipality, etc.), the format and, if necessary, the resolution or variant.

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Technical details

Specifications for free download:

Format: Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), LZW compression

Coordinate system: CH1903+/MN95

Tiling: ~ 920 tiles of 52.5 km2 (1/4 of a sheet of the 1:25 000 National Map)

Product variants:

  • Colour combination with shading (KREL)
  • Greyscale combination with shading (KGREL)

File sizes:

  • KREL: ~ 310 MB/tile, 285 GB/full dataset
  • KGREL: ~ 103 MB/tile, 95 GB/full dataset

Product information

Sample data

Sample data SMR10

  • KREL Colour combination with shading
  • KGREL Greyscale combination with shading


Swiss Map Raster 10 - Access to geodata

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern
+41 58 469 01 11


Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern

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