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swissTLM3D Update March 2023

The 2023 update of swissTLM3D is available. The current edition of swissTLM3D is now also available in GeoPackage format and contains all validated street names from the official index of streets.

08.03.2023 | Federal office of topography swisstopo

Landscape model swissTLM3D in the region of Belp
Landscape model swissTLM3D in the region of Belp
Update information
Dataset swissTLM3D
Category Landscape models
Publication date 08.03.2023
Temporal status of updated data varies according to regions
Extent of the update Full dataset
Download Product page
Updated layers Hiking trails
Roads and Tracks swissTLM3D
Railway swissTLM3D
Hydrography swissTLM3D
Forest swissTLM3D
Cableways swissTLM3D
Update interval annual

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