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Swiss Map Raster 10 Update 2023

swisstopo has updated the digital National Map 1:10,000 (Swiss Map Raster 10) with the latest data. The 2023 edition of Switzerland's most detailed national map is available for download and can be viewed at

23.05.2023 | Federal office of topography, swisstopo

20230523 SMR10 Update 2023 Rodi-Fiesso
Extract from Swiss Map Raster 10, Rodi-Fiesso
Update information
Dataset Swiss Map Raster 10
Category Digital Maps
Publication date 22.05.2023
Temporal status of updated data 01.05.2023
Extent of the update Full dataset
Download SMR10 - Product page
  National Map 1:10'000 (color)
National Map 1:10'000 (grey)
Update interval annually

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