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Official directory of building addresses Update September 2023

The data will soon be available via the STAC API. The old data reference path will still be available during a transition period of two months.

01.09.2023 | Federal office of topography, swisstopo

Extract from the official directory of building addresses (map background SWISSIMAGE 10cm).

The directory will be available via STAC API from September. This means that the data can be downloaded directly on the product page of the swisstopo website.

Roadmap of changes:

  • Starting today, you can test the new STAC API link. The data is currently static, as of August 23, 2023.
  • Between mid and end of September the changeover will take place
  • From then on, the old link for data reference will be static. It will still be available for approx. 2 months
  • After the changeover, only the data on STAC API will be updated.

Update information
Dataset ID 197
Official directory of building addresses
Category B Official geographic directories
Publication date  01.09.2023
Temporal status of updated data 31.08.2023
Extent of the update Switzerland
Download Product page
Updated layers
Official directory of building addresses
Update interval  daily

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