40 years of Switzerland from the sky

With the integration of new images, the swisstopo collection is now accessible to the public through an uninterrupted journey through time from 1979 to the present day.

A journey through time


With geodata-news swisstopo wishes to address users who are interested in digital data containing spatial reference or those who work with geodata.

geodata-news 44

New bathymetric data

Two new lakes published, the Lake of Brienz and the Lake of Joux: the product swissBATHY3D contains bathymetric data in the form of a very accurate digital elevation model that describes the topography of the Swiss lakebeds.


Swiss Map Vector – The National Maps of Switzerland in vector form

Take advantage of the vector data and create your own individual map. The data is editable. By turning off or otherwise symbolising individual objects or classes, specific changes can be made to a map. This allows your own topic to be optimally presented.

Swiss Map Vector

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