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The new swisstopo online shop will be even more secure

From June 2022, the new swisstopo online shop will be available and your customer data will be even better protected.


swisstopo now uses the Federal Administration’s CH-LOGIN for the online shop. You only need to create a CH-LOGIN account once. Alternatively, you can specify that you want two-factor authentication, either via SMS or an Authenticator App. The CH-LOGIN can also be used for other Federal Administration applications.

Further information on CH-LOGIN


If you still need your previous orders

The secure authentication system CH-LOGIN does not allow the transfer of order/delivery addresses and orders from the current shop to the new shop. However, you can download the orders you have placed in the current shop as a CSV file (Excel-compatible). This contains all the information relating to your completed orders.

To do this, log into your customer account in the existing shop from 16 March 2022 and click on the “Export orders as CSV” button.


You would like to open a customer account in the new swisstopo online shop

With a customer account, you have an overview of your orders and you do not have to re-enter your address every time you place an order.

If you want to set up a customer account in the new shop from June 2022, you must have a CH-LOGIN account.

If you do not yet have a CH-LOGIN account, you can open one now. To do so, click on  and select “CH-LOGIN (eGovernment)”. The CH-LOGIN registration screen will then be displayed. Click on “Create account”. 

Using your CH-LOGIN account, you can open a customer account in the new shop. To do so, click on the link “My account” on any page of the shop. Then enter the username and password of your CH-LOGIN account. You will then see your customer overview. Here you can enter and manage the required order and delivery address. As soon as you have placed your first order, it will be displayed under “My orders”.

Note: If you have a customer number that you would like to transfer to your new account, you will find it in every e-mail received with the order confirmation from the previous shop and on every delivery note or invoice from swisstopo.

After you have carried out steps 1 and 2, you can simply log into your customer account in the new shop at any time using your CH-LOGIN.

You would like to order without a customer account

Der neue swisstopo Onlineshop bietet weiterhin die Möglichkeit, Bestellungen als Gast aufzugeben, ohne ein Kundenkonto zu eröffnen.


Orders via the federal geoportal

The new swisstopo online shop will have an integrated map which can be used to directly select and order paper maps.

During a transitional phase from 16 March to June 2022, the maps offered in the current shop will continue to be displayed in the federal map viewer but can no longer be ordered directly from there. However, the name and number of the map sheets will still be visible.


Paper maps from swisstopo will no longer be displayed at You will find all the information you need to select and order maps in the new swisstopo online shop.

With the help of the new map search, you can easily find the right map directly in the new swisstopo online shop. Click on the map or enter a location in the search field. You will receive a list of all paper maps containing the location you are looking for. Do you need a 1:33,333 hiking map or a 1:25,000 national map? Do you also need adjoining map sheets? The online map also shows you the perimeters of the individual map sheets.

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