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The "Folio" by swisstopo is published annually and is dedicated to one focus topic. For 2019, everything revolves around the subject of "Protection and safety".

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In addition to the print edition of the folio, the folio articles are also available here on the swisstopo website in a detailed version.


Air Glaciers

“We used to sketch obstacles by hand and make corrections with Tipp-Ex”

Knowing where to go and how to get there: “Swiss Map Mobile” brings the national map of Switzerland to smartphones and tablets. This app is an essential tool for many emergency organisations, including the rescue crews of Air-Glaciers.

Markus Wigger

Knowing where flood water comes from

During storms and heavy rainfall a great deal of water can build up within a very short time. Thanks to the new hazard map depicting surface water run-offs that has been published by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), it is now possible to take simple but effective preventive measures.


Permanently on standby to save lives

The Engineering/Rescue/ABC (Atomic, biological, chemical) training unit is responsible for training rescue troops in Switzerland’s armed forces. For this purpose they need maps and data provided by swisstopo, as well as comprehensive practical experience. Folio paid a visit to the training centre in Wangen an der Aare.

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