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Technical Details


  • In open terrain: ±0.5 m 1σ
  • In terrain with vegetation: ±1.5 m 1σ

Types of Models

The DOM isdelivered in two types:

The type "raw" is a cloud of vector points (x,y,z) with a density of about 1 point per 2 m2. It's the basis model and can serve for highly specialised terrain investigation.

Format of delivery: 

  • ASCII X,Y,Z single space

The type "GRID 2 m" has been interpolated from the raw model and is a 2 m grid. In the areas above 2000 m this grid is being suplemented by DHM25 Level 2. Due to easier handling this type can be directly used in geographic information systems and for orthorectification of aerial phtos or satellite images.

Formats of delivery:

  • ASCII X,Y,Z single space

Coordinate System

LV03 LN02 


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Sample Data

The sample data show their type and format. They are free of charge and can be used for test purposes only. It is not allowed to include them in a product.