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Technical details

Structure: The data are delivered by complete 1 km2 tiles.


  • LAS 1.2
  • CSV (X;Y;Z;Class;Modified Julian Date)


Class Object type ASPRS* class name
1 Unclassified and temporary objects                « Unclassified »
2 Ground « Ground »
3 Vegetation (low – medium – high) « Low Vegetation »
6 Buildings « Building »
9 Water « Water »
17 Bridges, viaducts                 « Bridge Deck » 

Points density
: Minimum 5 pts/m2, mean around 15-20 pts/m2

Coordinates system: LV95 – LN02 

Planimetric accuracy: +/- 20 cm (1 sigma)

Altimetric accuracy: +/- 10 cm (1 sigma) 

Update: After the complete acquisition (in 2023), no update of swissSURFACE3D is planned. 

*American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


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Sample data

The sample data show their type and format. They are free of charge and can be used for test purposes only. It is not allowed to include them in a product.