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Long-term availability of geodata

Due to the long-term availability, swisstopo is able to retain and provide both current and earlier geodata at a high level of quality, as well as to offer professional advisory services where required.

Geodata and the conservation (incl. cataloguing and access)

Long-term availability is composed of two components: long-term means that both current as well as earlier geodata are conserved and preserved. Availability means that the data are accessible and available for use as required.  

Metadata and cataloguing

In order to guarantee the availability of the geodata, they have to be catalogued and provided with metadata. This enables them to be located in the corresponding systems. Generally speaking, geodata are stored in, the metadata catalogue for Switzerland’s geodata. Specific searches can be made, e.g. for maps in and for images in LUBIS. 


In order to ensure that data remain available over the long term, they have to be appropriately maintained. In the case of digital data this involves maintenance (e.g. of the storage infrastructure) and migration, which ensures that the data can be correctly interpreted. Analogue data have to be kept under ideal conditions, and the originals have to be carefully preserved and, where necessary, restored. 

Securing access

In order to secure convenient online access to data and a variety of evaluation options, analogue collections have been, and are still being, digitised. In this way, it is possible to view items such as topographic maps dating from any era. Aerial images, too, are available online via LUBIS viewer. 


Long-term availability of geodata also means that the associated documentation has to be conserved and maintained so that questions regarding current or earlier data can be answered professionally. 

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