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Mineral raw materials

Mineral raw materials are used in various areas of our daily life and have a high social and economic importance. The Swiss Geological Survey is responsible for ensuring that domestic mineral resources are used sustainably, and compiles the necessary basic data for this purpose.

Untervaz Quarry (GR)
Untervaz Quarry (GR)
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Many of the objects we use in our daily life are made from mineral resources, including raw materials for construction (gravel, sand, limestone, clay), metals, salt and gypsum. Adequate quantities of some raw materials are available in Switzerland, while others have to be imported.

Due to the high demand for construction raw materials, which are necessary to meet the needs of our society, there is a public interest in a secure supply for Switzerland.

The role of the Swiss Geological Survey

Based on the "Report on Mineral Resources" by swisstopo (2017) and the "Green Economy" Action Plan, the Swiss Geological Survey and the FOEN were commissioned by the Federal Council to prepare periodically updated, fact-based "Raw Material Safety Reports" on domestic non-energy mineral resources. These reports show current consumption and the status of Switzerland's supply of the relevant raw materials and estimate the short to medium-term national demand.

Together with the Georesources Switzerland Group, the Mineral Resources Network NEROS al well as the cantons, the economy, other federal authorities and various universities, the Swiss Geological Survey compiles further basic data relating to the reserves of natural resources and their circulation in Switzerland. The resulting data are placed at the disposal of the public in the form of reports, digital maps, models or databases.

In addition, the Swiss Geological Survey participates in various raw material projects of Eurogeosurveys (EGS).


New publication: Report about the status of the raw material supply for cement production

Bericht Zementrohstoffen - Rapport matières premières du ciment

The newly published report of the Swiss Geological Survey on cement raw materials in Switzerland shows where they are mined and processed, what the current status of Switzerland's supply of these raw materials is and how the cement demand could evolve in the future.


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