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mySwissMap is unique

With mySwissMap, swisstopo fulfils individual wishes. Anyone who orders a map chooses the area, the scale and the title. For outdoor lovers, there is now a new hiking map. mySwissMap makes a great gift as well.

15.08.2022 | DKW

mySwissMap offers new functions such as free drawing and importing routes

The swisstopo national maps are diverse – just like people. With mySwissMap, anyone can have a selected piece of Switzerland made to his or her liking. This unique map is delivered to your home within a few days, printed on waterproof paper . The philosophy of the product: “The national map should be as unique as your planned hiking tour,” says Karsten Pippig, the responsible for the mySwissMap product at the Swiss Federal Office of Topography. However, it is not only for those hiking, but also for those who would simply like to have a specific area depicted on a map. With mySwissMap, swisstopo is responding to the growing trend for customisation. “Demand has remained high since the launch in June 2020,” says Karsten Pippig. The map is also much appreciated as a gift.

Chose, create and order

Ordering mySwissMap requires just a few clicks on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Visit to design the map according to your own preferences. You choose from a topographic background at the scales 1:10,000, 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 or else an image map that combines aerial photography enriched with classic map features. Once the map area has been determined, you choose a suitable cover image or upload your own photo. If you can't decide,, swisstopo selects an appropriate seasonal image for you. Then you have to decide if your map should be folded or rolled, depending on whether you want to put the map into your backpack or hang it on a wall. Customers also determine the map title and subtitle, thus putting their personal mark on the product.

Now also available as a hiking map

According to Karsten Pippig, mySwissMap surprises with various new features. “Feedback from our customers has led us to further improve the product,” says the project coordinator. The range has now been supplemented with a hiking map that highlights the walking trails as well as, for example, public transports as well as other specific points of interest. Outdoor lovers also benefit from another service. “By uploading external files, you can add your own tracks on the map or colour-in certain areas,” Karsten Pippig explains. Additionally, you choose between landscape and portrait format and there is more text space available for adding customised information to your map. These new functions make the customised national map even more personal.

Award for the best printed product

Once the design is complete, the final product can be previewed and checked. You then complete the order process by forwarding the data to swisstopo's sales department where the map is immediately produced, at the company's own print shop using a high-performance large-format plotter. The paper map has a dimension of 88×57 cm and costs CHF 22.80. Delivery is by post.

With mySwissMap, customers receive an individualized piece of Switzerland, based on high quality geodata from swisstopo. For this service, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography was awarded the Swiss cartography “Prix Carto” award in the category of “best printed product” in 2021.

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