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Thematic maps

The Swiss national maps are used as the basis for numerous other map-related products: in addition to hiking and winters sport maps, swisstopo also produces various aviation and geological maps, as well as special maps for military purposes.

Extract of map of Saint Croix
1:33,333 hiking map with thematic content

The set of Swiss national maps forms the basis for a broad variety of other maps. Here, swisstopo works closely together with the respective authorities and national organisations on the production of the thematic content.

Maps for leisure-time activities

The 1:50,000 hiking maps are the official maps of Switzerland’s hiking routes and encompass the entire country. In addition, swisstopo publishes composite maps for tourism regions at various scales.

Its 1:50,000 snowshoe and ski touring maps encompass the entire region of the Swiss Alps. These maps also contain information about the tours compiled by swisstopo together with the Swiss Alpine Club, as well as depictions of protected areas and slopes steeper than 30°.

Aviation maps

In Switzerland, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is responsible for the preparation of aviation maps, and has delegated this task to the Swiss air navigation service provider, Skyguide, and swisstopo. All aviation-specific content is processed by Skyguide, while swisstopo is responsible for the background map, integration of the aviation-specific content and distribution of the product.

Geological maps

swisstopo is responsible for the geological survey, and in addition to the 1:25,000 maps for the Geological Atlas it publishes geological maps on various topics at 1:500,000, as well as various special geological maps.  

Military maps

The various military-related maps produced by swisstopo are intended solely for use by the armed forces. They are used for training personnel, planning and military operations, and are available at a broad variety of scales and cover a wide range of topics.

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