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Updating the national maps

swisstopo updates its map data continuously. The updating of the national maps follows the revision of the Topographic Landscape Model TLM which provides the basis for the national maps in digital and analogue form.

Updating of the national map
Updating of the national map

The overall renewal of the digital as well as the printed national maps is carried out at least every 6 years. The basis for this is the  Topographic Landscape Model TLM. The TLM is updated in three large blocks divided along cantonal borders. Real world changes are recorded using aerial photographs complemented with data from other available sources and then quality checked and incorporated into the TLM. In addition, focused update campaigns are carried out to ensure that changes are registered as soon as possible.

Regional division of aerial images
Information on updates of the Topographic Landscape Model (available in German and French)

In addition to the scheduled, periodic comprehensive update, important changes are incorporated and published into our maps immediately. These include for example, mergers of municipalities or changes in infrastructure of significance for the general public, such as the opening of railways, sections of the highway, bridges, stadiums, etc. Hence, the digital national maps can be characterised as most up-to-date. They are continuously published on and are simultaneously available in digital applications such as the swisstopo App. The update status of the digital maps are available at

On the printed maps, the year of issue is shown in the map title and the status of the map content (flight year) inside the map. The year of issue and update status are also available in the swisstopo onlineshop for all paper maps. The data used to produce the individualised map product mySwissMap is updated twice a year.

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