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New technologies and users’ changing needs have led to paper no longer being the only medium for maps. With Swiss Map Mobile, swisstopo offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for using maps on mobile devices.

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It is difficult to imagine life without Swiss national maps, which is why maps have also continually been adapted to clients’ needs. For a long time, paper was the only medium for making maps available to the general public. At the beginning of the current information age, the focus is not only on depiction, but also on the medium. By 1999, swisstopo had already started developing Swiss Map products.

In line with developing web technologies, the federal government began to create its own platform, which made all federal geodata available to the population on the Internet: Swiss Map also took advantage of this technology.

At the same time, the spread of smartphones and tablets increased the need for map and other geodata on mobile devices. The first Swiss Map Mobile was introduced in 2009. At that time it was a basic application that was initially only available for one specific mobile telephone with a GPS module.

Today, smartphones not only include a GPS module, but also have many other sensors and functions that can be used by an app. “Swiss Map Mobile” also uses these, and is part of the basic equipment for using a national map when on the go. Together with a private-sector partner, swisstopo offers Swiss Map Mobile for Android and iOS devices.

Combined with the zoom function, the high resolution of smartphone and tablet screens allows zooming from general overviews right down to precise and detailed topographic maps. The name search tool help us find the right location, and the position indicator and moving map function tell us exactly where we are when we are on the move.

Activating the tracking function during an excursion shows the route on the map, creates an elevation or exports the track as GPX data for use in another programme. Importing tracks is also possible.

When the compass is activated, the map will always align with north, making orientation easier .

Swiss Map Mobile is free from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

An inexpensive subscription can then be activated via a personal product key, which includes all updates.

A product key can also be purchased as a gift card or downloaded directly within the app via the AppStore.

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