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New National Map for Switzerland

In order to keep pace with the requirements for their widespread use on various digital and analogue media, the set of Swiss national maps needed to be modernised. Thanks to efficient production processes it is now possible to produce maps with a higher degree of precision, as well as to update them more quickly.

Extract of map of Interlaken

For every country with modern infrastructure it is important to have reliable maps and for people to be able to use them for a variety of purposes, for example spatial planning, protection of the environment or safety. What is required is maps produced on the basis of the latest technologies, and it is also important to be able to link our own data with the data of third parties and neighbouring countries. Accurate and reliable maps are a prerequisite for the efficient performance of tasks, and for orientation. 

The national maps that have been produced since the 1930s are no longer able to meet the modern-day requirements. To meet the new requirements such as flexible use of data for various media, efficient digital production processes, a high degree of accuracy and faster updating of the data, the national maps need to be comprehensively modernised and produced on a new basis.  

The modernised maps will also be modified in terms of cartographic presentation. Together with various users, numerous measures were identified that improve the readability of the maps. For example, a new font is to be used, and objects such as railways are to be differentiated through the use of colours so that they can be readily identified.

Video on the creation of the new national map

A glimpse of the latest technology for processing and storing topographical data and its use in today’s digital world:



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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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