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New 1:50,000 Hiking Map

The up-dating of the national maps offers new possibilities for the representation of data and is an opportunity to redevelop the well-loved swisstopo hiking maps from scratch. The result is a more homogeneous and readable map, with a modern and colourful look.

Extract of the New Hiking Map 1:50,000
New 1:50,000 hiking map with thematic content

A new data basis – more possibilities

The new hiking maps are based on the new-generation 1: 50,000 scale national map. The data has now been developed in vector form, opening up new possibilities for data use and representation. The thematic content of the hiking maps is therefore no longer just added to the basic map, but instead is integrated with the basic topographical information to create a uniform map. Thanks to the new graphics, the maps are more readable and look fresh and modern.

New map graphics – more information

A public online survey was the impetus for the current form of graphics. The trail categories of ‘hiking trail’, ‘mountain hiking trail’ and ‘alpine hiking trail’ are now indicated in yellow, red and blue, matching the signage on the ground. SwitzerlandMobility’s hiking routes are also marked. Labelled public transport stops and pictograms indicating points of interest, observation towers and castles, remote inns, protection huts, parking places, caves and via ferrata provide useful additional information.

New format – ease of use

The new, slim map format (folded 11 x 22 cm) and the depiction of all information on one side of the map make it easy to use. The sturdy paper is waterproof and tear-resistant and will last a long time.


The new hiking map was created in cooperation with the Swiss Hiking Federation. The hiking maps still cover all of Switzerland. The series comprise 59 sheets.


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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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