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The most important features of the new National Maps

swisstopo is modernising the official maps of Switzerland. The most important differences are the bases on which the maps are produced, as well as improved presentation and more flexible options for their use.

Two extracts with comparison of the previous and new national maps
The new map image is more colourful and easier to read

Production bases

Today, swisstopo has much better and more precise data at its disposal thanks to the development of the topographic landscape model and height model. In addition, the data already integrated into the topographic landscape model from other sources (e.g. the cadastral survey) are used for incorporating names into the maps. In this way, swisstopo is able to produce fully uniform maps and streamline its tasks.

Improved presentation

The changes in depiction methods have resulted in further improvements in terms of readability, including in maps designed for digital applications. The main visible changes are:

  • Discontinuation of use of shaded or broken double lines
  • Depiction of the railway network and stations in colour
  • Classification of the road network by width and colour-coded differentiation of importance in terms of traffic volume 
  • Use of the new Swiss sans-serif Frutiger font 
  • Depiction of municipal, cantonal and national borders using broad coloured lines

Greater flexibility of use

The latest versions of the maps contain more flexible data, which means they can now be used in many more ways, for example in applications such as swisstopo-App, in services such as and in special applications for engineers, planners, etc.

The option of variable depiction of cartographic detail (e.g. colour, representation of objects) and the ability to link cartographic data with additional attributes and third-party data are paving the way for new forms of maps and visualisations. At the same time, it is now possible to update map data more quickly and efficiently. 



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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstr. 264
P.O. Box
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