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National Map 1:10 000

Demand for up-to-date and accurate geodata is constantly increasing. For the first time, a new map of the entire country is to be produced automatically each year and published together with the latest available data from swisstopo’s topographic landscape model. This product, which features a very high standard of cartography, forms the ideal basis for a variety of uses in the public administration and the private economy, as well as in scientific circles and by the general public.

Following the recompilation of the set of national maps it is now also possible to fully automatically produce a detailed 1:10,000 national map.

This new version represents a milestone in the history of Swiss cartography in that it combines the unique quality of conventional maps with innovative and advanced production processes. What began in the previous century with the aid of copperplate engraving is now being continued exclusively on the computer and has become fully automated. With this new development, swisstopo is responding to the growing importance of geodata for a society in transition.

The data on which the topographic landscape model is based are the same as those used for the other national maps. This advantage can now be utilised for the production of the first 1:10,000 national map, which at the same time will be the first Swiss national map to be produced fully automatically.

The new map, which is to be published annually and encompass the entire country, will perfectly complement the existing set of maps and will also be ideally suitable for use in digital applications as well as in mobile devices.



  • Conventional signs
    Conventional signs for National Maps 1:10 000 to 1:1 Million. Shows all symbols that are required for reading maps correctly.
    PDF, 12 page(s), 701 KB, English

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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