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REST web geoservices (REFRAME Web API)

swisstopo offers various REST («REpresentational State Transfer») services which allow you to embed coordinate transformations into your own software products or web services.

REST geoservices for reference frame changes WGS84-LV95-LV03/Bessel-LHN95-LN02

Theses services are free of charge and particularly easy to use and are also efficient for machine-to-machine (m2m) use. They enable automated applications or batch processing.

These Web services support the transformation of ellipsoidal WGS84 coordinates to Swiss projected coordinates LV03 (CH1903) or LV95 (CH1903+), and vice versa. In altimetry, LN02, LHN95 and Bessel are supported.

The calculation is based on the REFRAME DLL: the exact Swiss projection formulas and FINELTRA/CHENyx06 are used and offer a degree of accuracy of about 2–3 cm in the whole country. For the height, HTRANS (LN02-LHN95) has a decimetric accuracy and the geoid model CHGeo2004 (RAN95-Bessel) a degree of accuracy of 1–3 cm.

Supported reference frames

  • WGS84 global geographic coordinates (decimal degrees)
  • ETRS89/ETRF93 global geographic coordinates (decimal degrees)
  • Swiss national coordinates LV95 (CH1903+)
  • Swiss national coordinates LV03 (CH1903)
  • Usual heights (national levelling / national map heights) LN02
  • Orthometric heights (National height network) LHN95
  • Ellipsoidal heights (on Bessel 1841) 

Output formats

JSON or GeoJSON (optionally with callback function).

Technical details

All technical details regarding the use of REST services (addresses, parameters, results) can be found in the user manual available under «Documents & Publications».

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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