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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about the swisstopo app.

In general

iOS from version 10
Android from version 6

The swisstopo app is free charge available at the Apple App Store for iOS devices or from the Google Play Store for Android ones. All functions of the app and offline use of the maps are included.

The app can be downloaded and installed free of charge from the App Store for iOS devices or from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Search in the App Store or the Google Play Store for "swisstopo".

German, French, Italian and English.
The language of the app depends on the general language setting you determined for your device.

No. The app does not have its own Facebook or Twitter account. However, swisstopo communicates via the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.


No, you are not entitled to a refund. All purchased services will continue to be fulfilled. If you have any questions, please contact our support team

Further information regarding OGD can be found here.


The app shows all National Maps, aerial photographs, aeronautical charts and historical maps. These maps have supplements with numerous additional information relating to hiking, cycling, snow sports and aviation. You can find more detailed information about the content here: swisstopo app information page

A detailed list of the functionalities can be found here: swisstopo app information page

Yes, you must select the + sign under "Tours" and then "Draw tour". Thanks to the "Smartdrawing" function, drawing is very easy; the tour automatically follows the road and path network. Additionally, the app shows the length, altitude difference, and a calculated approximate walking time.

The distance and the height difference are calculated using map data and a digital elevation model. The calculated hiking time is a result of a formula of the Swiss Hiking Federation based on distance and height difference. All values are approximate, which may differ from reality and from calculated values in other applications.

Yes, you must select the + sign under "Tours" and then "Record tour". The recording can also be paused during the tour.

The distance and the altitude difference are calculated using GPS data. The time corresponds to the time you needed to make the tour.

Yes, when the tour is opened, a pencil symbol appears at the bottom. If this is selected, the tour can then be changed and the tour name adapted.

For the recorded part of the tour, the GPS values for distance and altitude difference are used. For the manually edited part of the tour, the distance and the altitude difference from the map and elevation model are used. The calculated time for the whole tours is the result of a formula of the Swiss Hiking Federation using the distance and height difference.

Yes, swipe left to right on a tour in the list of tours, then remove by pressing "Delete".

Not all devices and operating system versions fulfil the necessary system requirements. On these devices the buttons for the panorama mode are missing in the swisstopo app.

Whether your smartphone supports the necessary AR/VR services you can find on this website:

This is not possible at the moment, but is planned in the further development of the app.

On one hand, the camera image is necessary to overlay and label the contours on the camera image. On the other hand, it is also necessary to stabilize the virtual image and to adapt it to the movements you make with the smartphone (optimisation of display). The camera image is neither transferred nor saved.

Technical information

No. The app only runs on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPad) and not on a PC or Mac computer (desktop or laptop).

Yes. The app is regularly updated to keep up with the evolving operating systems. In addition, further functionalities and content are planned to be implemented, which require updates. Whether updates will run automatically depends on the settings of the respective smartphone.
The stored maps are checked quarterly to ensure that they are up-to-date and are replaced, if necessary.

Yes, storage of map data, tracks and POIs is unlimited.

Yes, the storage location for downloaded maps can be selected or changed in the "Offline maps" menu (from version 1.2). Maps that have already been saved are also moved from the internal memory to an SD card or vice versa.

In order to enable a more stable operation of the offline cards as well as their updating, the architecture has changed with the app version 1.1. This means that your offline maps will be migrated to the new architecture once.

Without the migration, you cannot update the maps any more.

The maps stored on the device are checked quarterly to ensure that they are up-to-date. The update is proposed to the user to trigger it off.

Your maps are then out of date. However, you still have the proposal to update.

The app requires about 50 MB. If maps are stored, additional storage space is required. To store all National Maps of Switzerland, about 18 GB of memory is required. For each additional map background (e.g. National Map Winter, aerial view), an additional 18 GB memory is required.

Depending on the number of maps, a very large data volume is downloaded. The download can take from a few seconds up to several hours, depending on the data connection. We recommend downloading via WLAN if possible.

Reduce the size of the area for which the download should take place.

No, with a few exceptions (search) all functions of the app can be used offline. Even GPS tracking does not require an Internet connection. However, the map content must be downloaded beforehand from the internet. Maps can only be used offline if you have stored them.

The map content must be downloaded beforehand from the internet. Maps can only be used offline if you have stored them.

Yes (Warning: roaming charges may apply). However, the app only contains Swiss map material and only displays map material in border regions abroad.

You can view the power consumption for your use of the app in the settings. Depending on how you use the app, the display and the GPS may require a lot of power.

Authorisations are queried as soon as they are required by the app. You can see the authorisations granted for the swisstopo app in the operating system settings.
(See also privacy policy)

Most of the data is Swiss Federal data. The main data source is the Swiss Federal Geoportal. Further information on the Swiss Federal Geoportal:

Ubique Innovation AG

Migration from Swiss Map Mobile to the new swisstopo app

The Swiss Map Mobile app will be available from the App Store and from GooglePlay until summer 2021 but is no longer updated.

The Swiss Map Mobile app is still available until summer 2021 but is no longer updated. The use of Swiss Map Mobile is guaranteed until the end of 2021.

Yes, you can import your saved tracks and POIs to the new swisstopo app. To do so, it is necessary to have the latest version of the Swiss Map Mobile installed (iOS version 5.99 or higher / Android version 3.23 or higher). Important: Do not delete the Swiss Map Mobile app until your tracks and POIs are transferred, otherwise your data will be lost.

No. You must download the map data for the new app again.

All saved map data will be deleted when you uninstall the Swiss Map Mobile app.

No. With the new swisstopo app, the legacy mode no longer exists. It is no longer possible to integrate the outdated data. The latest data is always loaded in the new app. Maps and data can be stored free of charge and without restriction for offline use.


No. During the development, we attached great importance to ensuring simple operation.

Our support team are happy to help you.
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am -7pm
Phone +41 58 469 02 22

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Support swisstopo app

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 10 am – 7 pm
Tel. +41 58 469 02 22

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
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