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Create QR codes for suggested routes

Display the most popular routes in a clear and simple manner in the swisstopo app - this can be done in no time at all using individual QR codes. Create these practical codes yourself in just a few steps using the instructions provided.

Smartphone mit swisstopo-App, Flyer mit Wandervorschlag

Now it's even easier to make your suggested tours available digitally. In just a few steps, you can generate a QR code for your tour. Scanning the QR code displays your suggested route directly in the swisstopo app. That's all there is to it! In this way, your suggested routes can be sent easily to the smartphones of your customers, guests, club members, etc.

With the swisstopo app, they know where they are on the route at any time, how far they still have to go, how many metres of altitude lie ahead as well as how long it will take to reach the destination. Downloading the maps along the route means that they also can hike securely while offline.

The swisstopo app is available to everyone as a free platform as well as a user-friendly guide. The swisstopo app does not store any of your guests' private data.

Generate your own QR code:

Use the following steps to generate your own QR codes:

  1. Store the GPX file of the desired route on your web host:

  2. Convert the link for the GPX file into an ENCODED_URL on the page

  3. Add the ENCODED_URL to the web address

  4. Create a QR code from the link with a code generator

QR-Code Riederhorn

Now all you have to do is publish the QR code on your website, in your magazine or on your information poster for your audience.

Scan the code and go!


Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skiing and snowshoe routes can all be planned in the swisstopo app. The easiest way is to create your suggested route in the swisstopo app by choosing the right type. This way, the proper time calculation will be applied automatically.

For professionals: The route type is noted with a number in the gpx file and can be changed there: <swisstopo:tour_type>0</swisstopo:tour_type>

2=mountain biking

If a clickable link is more suitable than a QR code for sharing a suggested route, the web address created in step 3 can be used as a link to open routes in the swisstopo app.

The swisstopo app shows the national maps of Switzerland and neighbouring regions abroad and is therefore only suitable for routes in Switzerland.

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