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Report changes to maps or geodata

Have there been any changes in the area that still need to be adapted in our products? Have you found a mistake in our maps or geodata? Tell us your observations – while on the road via smartphone or conveniently from your home.

Image traffic network
Many reports concern changes to the road network

With a few clicks, you can send us your suggestions for corrections to swisstopo products. Typical topics for revision hints are rerouted roads, new buildings or geographic names. Go to for all corrections that relate to our data.

Your messages and suggestions will help us to continually improve the maps and geodata. Thank you in advance for your valuable hints.

Entering and sending notifications

Open and send us the following information:

  1. Briefly describe your suggestion for improvement in the comments field (compulsory)
  2. Mark the appropriate location in the viewer
  3. If applicable, add additional documents (e.g. photos) and your e-mail address

A video tutorial on this procedure can be found at the end of this website.


Describe your suggestion for improvement (step 1). This comment is compulsory and will be published in the Federal geoportal later on. Limit your comments to just a brief description of the facts.

The text in the comments box will be published in the Federal geoportal later on. Do not add any personal details or statements in this box that you do not wish to have published on the Internet. The comments box is also not the right place for providing location addresses or coordinates. Mark the relevant object directly in the viewer (step 2).

By marking the location, you help us to locate your notification. This simplifies the interpretation of your message and the search for the object referred to. Only revision notifications with a location geometry can be published in the Federal geoportal.

Use the dot or line tool (step 2) to highlight the object to be corrected directly in the viewer. The geometry noted shows us where to check the data according to your revision notification.

For technical reasons, geometries for marking sites can only be created in the desktop version. Unfortunately, revision notifications sent in from a mobile version cannot be published in the Federal geoportal.

Yes! You can upload additional files via the Upload field (browse) to send us any additional information (step 3). Photos, brochures or text extracts are examples of useful documentation.

No! An e-mail address (step 3) is optional. We only use your e-mail address to confirm receipt of your revision notification and to contact you if there are any queries.

Your notification will be forwarded to the appropriate data owners for review. Any adjustments needed will be made in the relevant production systems.

The publication of the corrected data depends on the update cycles of the different swisstopo products.

Use the “Report problem” function in (Federal geoportal).

New: Publication of notifications

Since May 2017, swisstopo has been publishing the messages received (we speak internally of revision notifications) in the Federal geoportal. The notifications are displayed as items at the “Notifications for maps and geodata” level. The compulsory comments and information on the current processing status are available for each point. Senders can thus track the progress of their messages at any time. A revision notification can only be published if dot or line geometry has been entered for localization. During office hours, the notification transmitted appears in the Federal geoportal within 1 hour.


Notification not assigned

Status 1: Publication in the Federal geoportal within 1 hour during office hours.

Notification assigned

Status 2: First analysis of the revision notification within 10 working days and assigned to the responsible data owner and production groups for further processing.

Solved in the production system

Status 3: Data were modified in the production databases. The timing depends from the update cycle of the respective product.

Erroneous Notification

Status 4: Messages that do not concern data and products of swisstopo (e.g. addresses) will be forwarded to the corresponding data owners and not further processed by swisstopo.

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