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Published on 8 January 2024

National Map 1:500'000

Accurate general map of Switzerland and adjoining foreign territory for travelers and adventurers. 

National Map 1:500,000 Paper

Swiss Map Raster 500: national mapping in digital raster format 1:500,000

8 January 2024

Swiss Map Raster 500

Swiss Map Raster products encompass the entire range of digital national maps in raster format. The data is directly derived from digitally produced map bases and is georeferenced.

Swiss Map Vector 500: swiss national vector map 1:500,000

8 January 2024

Swiss Map Vector 500

“Swiss Map Vector 500” is the Swiss national 1:500'000 scale map in vector format. It includes the railway network, all highways, semi-highways, transit and link roads, a highly simplified depiction of residential areas and terrains and the names of principal objects.

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