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In addition to the official products, swisstopo offers the creation of individualised 3D visualisations and geodata as a service. Customer-specific results that are suitable for a defined area of interest can be created on request from various source data.

The cover picture shows the terrain in FBX format on the left and the Digirama and buildings of swissBUILDINGS3D 2.0 in OBJ format on the right, three services offered by swisstopo

3D data packages

3D data packages combine various swisstopo data sets or products in one package. These packages are designed for the realisation of 3D visualisations. If possible, the data sets contained in them...

3D flights

With 3D flights, three-dimensional data can be viewed dynamically, by superimposing topographic models with satellite or aerial images, vector data or other geo-referenced data. The visualisation...


Should you need to print a digital panorama with a realistic perspective on paper or on a metallic support, the DIGIRAMA (DIGItal panoRAMA) range of products is ideal for you. Depending on customers’...

Other services

Our specialists derive further products from the swisstopo geodata. This enables us to cover both frequently requested and very specific customer needs.

The 3D geodata and visualisations listed here are customised at the request of the client. They are not included in our download offer and belong to the geodata that cannot be downloaded directly. For this reason, provision fees are charged when an order is placed. Further information can be found here: Geodata - swisstopo ( For additional information or orders, you can also contact

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
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