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3D data packages

3D data packages combine various swisstopo data sets or products in one package. These packages are designed for the realisation of 3D visualisations. If possible, the data sets contained in them have the same format, the same coordinate system and the same structure. The combination of data sets in one package thus eliminates the need for conversions and transformations of different data and makes them much easier to use.


Minimal package
View of Zurich 3D-data packages

The minimal package focuses on optimising the amount of data and a simplified data structure. It was designed to be as easy to use as possible and combines

in one data set.

Representation of the package elements:

If desired, the terrain can be textured. The following options are available:

  • Texturing using SWISSIMAGE orthophoto
  • Texturing using SWISSIMAGE orthophoto and burnt-in traffic axes (road & rail)
  • hillshade
  • hillshade and burnt-in traffic axes (road & rail)

It is also possible to colour buildings and bridges as desired. The colouring can be adjusted at any time by a slight change in the material file (*.mtl) (more on this in the documents).

The customer can also request the colouring of the traffic axes.  Once created, however, it can’t be changed via the material file like the buildings or bridges. Subsequent adjustments are only possible using image editing programmes such as Photoshop.

Technical details


The packages are divided into evenly spaced tiles. The division is based on the 1/16 tiles of the 1:25,000 national map (approx. 13 km2).


  • geometry data in .obj format
  • material file in .mtl- format: This file is used to define the colours, material properties and texture of the geometry data. They can be adjusted in this file.
  • texture in .jpg- format
  • metadata in .txt format

Coordinate system: LV95/LN02

Further information:

  • The terrain can be generated in different tolerance levels, min. 0.5m - max. 128m.
  • Each tolerance level corresponds to the tolerance in metres that is allowed during generalisation.
  • Significant terrain features such as ridges, peaks and large height differences are preserved at each resolution level.
  • The customer can choose different resolution levels for the orthophoto texture, min. 0.1 m (pixel size).
  • The choice of resolution influences the volume of the data and must therefore be adapted to the spatial extent and the intended use.
  • Buildings consist of facades and roofs. These can be coloured differently.


the detailed package is in progress

The 3D geodata and visualisations listed here are customised at the request of the client. They are not included in our download offer and belong to the geodata that cannot be downloaded directly. For this reason, provision fees are charged when an order is placed. Further information can be found here: Geodata - swisstopo ( For additional information or orders, you can also contact


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Sample data

Interactive example