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LUBIS viewer

What did Zurich or Bern look like a hundred years ago? That’s what pupils are finding out using swisstopo’s aerial photographs. The LUBIS viewer makes this possible.

LUBIS viewer is a multipurpose tool for teachers which can take pupils from the age of 10 up to secondary school leaving age on a journey of discovery. swisstopo’s aerial photograph information system (Luftbild-Informationssystem, or LUBIS) is a real treasure trove of photographs taken from aircraft since 1920. There are more than a hundred thousand files – and the collection is continually being added to with both recent and historical images. 

Exciting research

LUBIS viewer is free to access and easy to use: at, you will accompany your pupils on a journey of discovery as a teacher, encountering swisstopo’s aerial photograph database along the way. This includes terrestrial images, aerial photographs and sequences of aerial photographs. Even the flight paths can be viewed. Now the journey of discovery can get started: by searching for a specific location in a specific year, pupils will undertake exciting research. The information about the pictures provides important clues.

Documenting the journey through time

Youngsters can use the LUBIS viewer to compare aerial photographs of Bern and Zurich or find out how rural and urban areas have changed over time, for example. Personal interests also stimulate learning: pupils can use the images to find out if their school had been built yet 20 years ago. As a teacher, you will have two main methods of teaching at your disposal:

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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