Engineering surveying

In the field of engineering surveying, swisstopo provides a broad variety of services, ranging from the development of fundamental GNSS networks and the operation of permanent GNSS stations, through to the analysis of deformations in dams, gravity calculations and gyroscopic measurements. Here the focus is on demanding surveying tasks calling for the highest possible degree of accuracy and reliability.

Surveyor operating a precision tachymeter
Manual precision measurement of a dam

Observation methods 

  • GNSS (static, RTK, VRS)
  • Azimuth and distance observations (e.g. Mekometer ME5000)
  • Precision levelling
  • Gyroscope measurements (Gyromat 2000)

Examples of applications

  • Basic observations with GNSS and precision levelling for large engineering projects (e.g. federal highways, new railway lines for BAHN2000 and AlpTransit, etc.)
  • Geodetic deformation observations in the scope of construction monitoring (e.g. tunnels, dams, bridges, industrial plants, etc.), of land slips and subsidences, movements of rock and ice, and for the investigation of tectonic movements in the earth's crust (terrestrial and with GNSS)
  • Tunnel surveying (layout, preanalysis, installation, observation and adjustment of overground networks and network stakeouts)
  • Determination of aerial survey control points for photogrammetry
  • Collecting spatial data for GIS with GNSS

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