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Published on 8 January 2024


swisstopo also places the specialised knowledge based on its many years of experience in the national survey at the disposal of third parties. Its services range from conception to realisation, and from the solution of specific problems through to comprehensive geodetic calculations. 

Employees of swisstopo during measurement work on the Jungfraujoch

8 January 2024

Consulting & Analyses

swisstopo collects and analyses basic data for all geodetic activities. Here the focus is on the creation and maintenance of a spatial reference, both for location and for height. swisstopo advises third parties with respect to geodetic issues and carries out calculations.

8 January 2024

Gravity Field Consortium

In the field of gravity measurement, swisstopo offers a variety of services in cooperation with the Chair of Mathematical and Physical Geodesy, Section of the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, including gravity and vertical height deviations, as well as a broad range of calculation and modelling services. It also provides the official geoid model of Switzerland (CHGeo2004), which is required in all precision GNSS receivers for determining heights, as well as software for calculating vertical height deviations and levelled and orthometric heights.

8 January 2024

Material sales

The following special materials for marking can be obtained from swisstopo (subject to availability; prices upon request).

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Division Geodesy and Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying
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