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Published on 17 January 2024

Swiss Positioning Service (swipos)

The Swiss Positioning Service (swipos) provides the official spatial reference frame of Switzerland, based on the satellite systems GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. 

A man measures a position with a device in the field

16 January 2024


swipos-GIS/GEO is a positioning service for professional users with accuracy requirements in the cm range.

Two people in the forest checking the accuracy of the position using measuring equipment

8 January 2024


swipos-NAV enables the reception of navigation corrections via a mobile data connection. The correction data are calculated from the data of the Automatic GNSS Network Switzerland (AGNES) and allow a GNSS positioning accuracy of up to half a meter with high-end devices in perfect conditions.

AGNES Station in Oberalp

8 January 2024


swipos-INFRA enables the real-time integration of local monitoring networks into the homogeneous AGNES coordinate frame. The joint evaluation of the locally recorded measurement data and the measurements of the AGNES stations allows to verify the stability of local reference stations as well as to determine the displacements of object points.

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