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1900 - 1929

1902: Calculation of altitude of R.P.N. control point by Jakob Hilfiker

Altitude of R.P.N. control point in Geneva calculated by Jakob Hilfiker (based on associated levellings from abroad) as 373.6 metres above sea level (referred to as "new horizon" and used as initial height for the national map). Starting point is mean sea level of Marseille (France).

1903: First national levelling

Commencement of first national levelling (until 1927).

1903: Proposal for conformal projection

Max Rosenmund proposes oblique, conformal cylinder projection for surveying Switzerland (= CH1903).

1909: Federal resolution on land register survey

Federal resolution on the land register survey (in conjunction with the Swiss Civil Code that entered into force in 1912). 

1910: Changeover from lithography stone to copper plate

Initiation of transfer of production of mountain map sheets from lithography stone to copper plate.

1912: Introduction of offset printing

Introduction of offset printing. First own machine supplied by George Mann (Leeds, UK). 

1912: Entry into force of Swiss Civil Code

Entry into force of the Swiss Civil Code, which calls for the creation of a land register with corresponding plans.

1913: Petition for a 1:25,000 map

Swiss Geological Commission petitions Federal Council for a 1:25,000 map of the entire country.

1926: Recruitment of first pilots

Recruitment of first pilots for aerial images. Oblique images photographed by hand from open aircraft (Zepp C.II). Instruments provided by Zeiss. 

1926: Introduction of terrestrial photogrammetry

Definitive introduction of terrestrial photogrammetry in the Alps. Acquisition of two valuation instruments and four cameras supplied by Wild.

1926: Publication of last sheets of "Siegfried Map"

A total of 604 sheets of the Siegfried Map have been published: last sheet to appear, 274bis Gaschurn.

1927: Debate on new national maps

Intensive public debate on new national maps. Professor Eduard Imhof calls for production of maps in the entire range of scales (1:25,000 to 1:1 million).

1928: Introduction of aerial photogrammetry

Definitive introduction of aerial photogrammetry in the central plain and Jura.

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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