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Eurogeosurveys EGS

The heads of the national geological surveys, EurGeoSurveys (EGS), from 32 countries of Europe meet once a year. The main objective of EGS is to make geological knowledge widely available and thus to promote competitive capacity and protection of the environment in the countries of the EU.

Each year, EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) organises a conference in one of its member states. The purpose of these annual conferences is to promote the exchange of specialised knowledge between the countries concerned and the European commissions. EGS supports the initiation of joint research projects within the scope of the EU’s “Horizon 2020” research programme, and it advocates the development of a coordinated international database. It also promotes the sharing of know-how, resources and infrastructure.  

The Swiss Geological Survey has also hosted an EGS conference. In 2014, a meeting was held in Bern that was attended by the heads of the national geological services from two dozen European countries. The main theme of the workshop was “Living with geological risks”. One of the key issues was the problem of risks attributable to human intervention, for example earthquakes caused by deep drilling or the construction of deep geological repositories.

EGS focuses exclusively on activities that are in the interest of the general public or the public administration. It benefits from the specialised know-how of its member states and their practical experiences in numerous countries of Europe. Its long-term objectives are to carry out joint research programmes and to promote the coordination and exchange of geological data throughout Europe.


EGS Urban Geology Expert Group

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern
+41 58 469 01 11


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Swiss Geological Survey
Tel. +41 58 469 05 68

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern

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