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Sales promotion material

Here you will find frequently requested sales promotion articles matching swisstopo's maps. Use them to present the swisstopo maps at your point of sale or design a themed shop window. Ask for our map boxes, counter displays or other promotional material.

If you are interested in sales promotion material from swisstopo, please contact our office or external sales team. We will be happy to advise you personally on the design of your map offer.


Map floor display

Plexiglas map box

Beautiful floor display with clip-on provides an eye-catcher and offers space for displaying three card boxes and approx. 150 cards.

The plug can also be used as a rotating sales rack.

Dimensions: width 43,5 cm; height 85 cm (with connector 130 cm); depth 29,5 cm

Counter display stand

Counter display stand for hiking maps 1:33 333

The small, practical map displays are ideal for presenting the popular 1:33 333 hiking maps.

They offer space for 10 -15 maps and are pretty eye-catchers on your counter.

Dimensions: width 12.5 cm; height 16.5 cm (with clip-on 24.5 cm); depth 11.5 cm

Decoration for shop windows

Decoration for shop windows

For the attractive presentation of swisstopo's national maps at the point of sale, we offer you a complete decoration set for your individual shop window decoration.

Summer: Hiking theme

  • swisstopo poster
  • Hiking signpost yellow
  • Backpack, hiking boots and pole
  • Plexiglas displays
  • Tree bark, moss, leave, etc.

Winter: Theme snowshoe and ski tours

  • swisstopo poster
  • Winter trail direction sign pink
  • Backpack, snowshoes and pole
  • Plexiglas displays
  • Fir cones, imitation snow, etc.

Map box

Plexiglas map box

The perfect means of storing and presenting national maps. Around 50 maps fit in one map box. Three plexiglass dividers are included.

Dimensions: width 14.5 cm; height 14.5 cm; depth 28 cm

Map Box

Brochure holders

Brochure holders

Brochure holders in various sizes for attractive presentation of swisstopo maps on counters and tables, exhibition stands or at the POS

Art SA7952
Brochure holder A4 / 4 levels
Dimensions: width 237 mm, height 340 mm, depth 175 mm

Art SA6890
Brochure holder A4 / 2 levels
Dimensions: width 236 mm, height 285 mm, depth 120 mm

Art SA7444
Brochure holder A5 / 2 levels
Dimensions: width 155 mm, height 190 mm, depth 115 mm,

Art SA7226
Brochure holder, open at the side
Dimensions: width 150 mm, height 190 mm, depth 30 mm

Decoration boards / posters

Decoration boards / posters

We provide decoration boards or posters as eye-catchers in your shop. Customised formats are possible. We have various summer and winter subjects available, please ask our external sales team.

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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

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