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Interface for online shops

Would you like to offer swisstopo products in your online shop? Or perhaps list the maps that correspond to a description of a mountain hike on your website? swisstopo can provide you with up-to-date product images and information that can easily be incorporated into your web pages. – interface for online shops

Example for the visualisation of swisstopo product data
Screenshot with product informations

swisstopo can help you to incorporate product information and illustrations into your online shop or website. You can either retrieve data directly from the swisstopo product database, or swisstopo can provide you with up-to-date product images via a web server. Product information is also available in the form of XML files, which can be imported into your own database.

At you will find information on how you can incorporate part or all of the swisstopo product range into your website with very little effort. Instructions, advice, code snippets and practical examples are provided to help you implement this information for three different uses:

  1. You do not have your own online shop, but would still like to offer swisstopo products on your website.
  2. Your website has a shop application which you would like to use to sell swisstopo products.
  3. You would like to include swisstopo products on your website and manage your products using an online shop solution with its own database.

Up-to-date map covers

Cover of a ski touring map

Map covers are available in three different sizes and can easily be integrated into a website using a link. If a new version of a map sheet is published, you will automatically receive the updated image of the cover on your website. Below you will find a list of various sample links. The filename for each particular map corresponds to the respective map number (1113, 231T, etc.). The images are kept in different directories according to size:

  • Height, 110 pixels: “110” directory 
  • Height, 250 pixels: “250” directory
  • Height, 500 pixels: “500” directory
  • General maps: “overview” directory




Cover, 1:25,000, national map, sheet 1136, “Drei Schwestern”, height, 110 pixels

Cover, 1:50,000, hiking map, sheet 236T, “Lachen”, height, 250 pixels

Cover, 1:50,000, ski tour map, sheet 249S, “Tarasp”, height, 500 pixels

General map, sheet 1096 “Diepoldsau”



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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
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