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swisstopo: facts and figures

Find out about swisstopo, its map production, number of employees and other facts and figures relating to its wide-ranging activities.

Employees swisstopo

Human resources

Distribution of human resources per December 31
Category Employees

Number of employees (not counting apprentices)


Number of full-time jobs


Number of part-time jobs (not counting apprentices, work-time percentage < 90%)

148 / 39.90%

Number of apprentices


Number of women (not counting apprentices)

108 / 29.11%

Number of employees whose mother-tongue is French or Italian (not counting apprentices)

83 / 22.37%

Key data

Main financial indicators in 2021
Type CHF

External federal revenue

6.7 Mn

Internal federal revenue

11.5 Mn 

Running costs and investment (operating expenses)

73.8 Mn

Internal federal accounting

8.9 Mn

Cost recovery level


Productive working hours


Production statistics


Geodata production and update in 2021
Product Activity
swissTLM3D (Topographic Landscape Model)
Update of 7'400 km2
Update of the entire data set. In addition mediatized updates 4x/year.
swissBUILDINGS3D 2.0
Record of all municipalities (9'989 km2)
update of 6'600 km2
Update of 12'820 km2
Aerial image strips
557 aerial image strips were taken of a total of 23'290 km2
swissSURFACE3D 7906 km2 produced
Update of 7'470 km2
Update of the entire data set. In addition to 3 mergers of communes
Update of the entire data set
Update of the entire perimeter CH and FL
Update of the entire perimeter CH and FL

Printed maps

Maps published in 2021
Product Sheets

National Map 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:100 000


Snowshoe and Ski Tour Map 1:50 000


7 aeronautical maps


Products and distribution
Printed maps sold 334'000

Digital maps and interactive solutions

Development of mobile applications and interactive solutions in 2021
Downloads of the swisstopo application 615'000
Personalised paper maps, mySwissMap 2'526

Geodetic data

Status of the geodetic bases in 2021
Automatic GNSS Network of Switzerland (AGNES)
41 stations
International/European permanent stations (IGS/EPN)
126 stations
Further monitor stations 56 stations
Positioning service swipos-GIS/GEO
3623 licenses
Planimetric control points
1⁄5 of 223 main survey points of Switzerland is revised and local control of stability
Vertical control points
48'154 km of the precise levelling network newly measured

Geological products

Publications of the Swiss Geological Survey in 2021
Product Name

Geological Atlas of Switzerland 1:25 000, printed maps and pixel maps

Evolène (n° 169), Le Locle (n° 172), Elm (Nr. 173)

Vector data sets

GeoCover V2 (3 data sets, update of all data)

Report of the Swiss Geological Survey

14 : Dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity in geological maps, with focus on bedrock geology.

15: Ammonite stratigraphy and fossils of the Passwang Formation (Middle Jurassic) and the Opalinus Clay (Early to Middle Jurassic), excavated in Ga18 and the Niches P3, Passwang and CO2 in the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory.

18 DE: Hartstein – Bedarf und Versorgungssituation in der Schweiz.

18 FR: Besoins et état de l’approvisionnement en granulats issus de roches dures en Suisse.

Cadastral surveying

Status of cadastral surveying as of 31 December 2021
Area status Portion of Switzerland's territory Modifications compared to 2019
Digital data available 86.4% +0.8%
Digital data in preparation 8.5% +3.5%
Only conventional data available 0.6% +0.6% *
Not yet surveyed 1.2% -4.4%
Lakes 3.2% -0.1% *

* Data fluctuates due to data cleansing.

Geodata infrastructure

Geodata infrastructure statistics in 2021
Indicator Figure
Visits via the geoportal operated by swisstopo
28.4 million
Uptime (24/7)
3800 mega-pixels provided by the FSDI (Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure)  
Topics available in the Federal Geodata Infrastructure FGDI
2014 TB geodata delivered on the Internet via the infrastructure  
3.2 million PDFs generated with map extracts via  
590 TB raw data obtained via  

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern
+41 58 469 01 11


Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern

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