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Computer scientist EFZ

You are responsible for the creation and operation of computer systems and for fixing any malfunctions.

In short

  • Diploma: computer scientist EFZ in systems technology with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)
  • Duration: 4 years (1st year of training at the WISS basic training provider in Berne)
  • Vocational school in Berne
  • Specialisations: systems technology

Your apprenticeship at swisstopo

Computer scientists specialising in systems technology create and operate computer systems. As a system technician, you will install notebooks, desktop systems and networks, extend device configurations and carry out software installations. You will also be responsible for their maintenance and the correction of any malfunctions. The training lasts 4 years. In case of very good school results, the vocational baccalaureate (BMS) may be taken during basic training. After passing the final exams, you will obtain the Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ) as a computer scientist in system technology.

Together with his instructor, an apprentice computer scientist replaces a ventilator in a server.

  • Secondary school certificate or
  • Very good comprehensive school certificate with 10th school year 
  • Good grades in mathematics and English
  • Networked thinking
  • Talent as a fast learner
  • Keen readiness to learn
  • Systematic working methods
  • Flexibility, stamina and patience
  • Teamwork skills
  • Enjoyment in working with computers

Fields After the one-year basic training, you will spend three years of the apprenticeship in swisstopo's computer frontent and backend team. There you will gain an overview of the fields of the service desk, Windows Server, Linux, virtual desktop infrastructure VDI, MS-SQL - PostgreSQL - Oracle databases, Storage/Backup, Cloud environment. 
Monthly salary

1st year apprentice = CHF 801.-

2nd year apprentice = CHF 987.-

3rd year apprentice = CHF 1507.- 

4th year apprentice = CHF 1795.-

and 13th monthly salary 

Vacation 7 weeks of vacation per year
Working hours  8 hrs 18 mins per day, 41.5 hrs per week
Training locations 1st year of apprenticeship = basic computer training year at WISS Berne
from 2nd year of apprenticeship = Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo in Wabern / vocational school at GIBB in Berne
Specials Yearly apprentice camp, courses in presentation techniques and HERMES 5 project management methods, subjects-specific computer courses in case of good results
School subjects Sociology, language and communication, scientific basics, economics and law, English, successive computer-specific training modules
Vocational baccalaureate Possible in case of good results

  • ICT system and network technician with Swiss Federal Specialist Certificate
  • Business computer scientist with Swiss Federal Specialist Certificate
  • Mediamatician with Swiss Federal Specialist Certificate
  • Other specialisations, e.g. in IT security

The swisstopo computer team organises about 4 one-day trial events per year. The number of participants is limited to 3 trial apprentices per event. The dates of the trial days are set on request 1 to 2 months in advance.
Interested individuals can apply in writing with a short covering letter and CV to Felix Zumwald (

Our available apprenticeship positions are published at (German). You will make it easier for us by applying online via this website.

Felix Zumwald (phone +41 58 469 04 /, Head of Computer Vocational Training, will be happy to answer your questions.  

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern
+41 58 469 01 11


Contact person

Felix Zumwald
Head of vocational education, Information section
Tel +41 58 469 04 47

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Seftigenstrasse 264
P.O. Box
3084 Wabern

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