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Published on 16 January 2024

Basic data

In addition to historical maps and digital 3D models, geological, geophysical and geotechnical datasets are indispensable for the sustainable management of our living space. GeoCover, as geological 2D model, depicts all of Switzerland geologically at the scale of 1:25'000. 

8 January 2024

2D Geology

The Swiss Geological Survey’s geological maps currently form the nationwide dataset relating to the structure of the underground in Switzerland. The Swiss Geological Survey thus makes an important contribution to the exploration and sustainable use of underground space.

8 January 2024

3D Geology

Digital geological 3D models are an important tool for visualising complex issues in the subsurface in a simple and understandable way. They make an important contribution to subsurface planning.

8 January 2024

Geological maps and data online

Are you looking for geological data? In the map viewer of the federal geoportal you can search, view, query and download more than 100 geology-relevant datasets.