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Discover even the remotest places in Switzerland with high quality maps. The free map app from swisstopo lets you combine the National Maps of Switzerland with many other topics such as hiking, cycling, snow sports and aviation on your smartphone and tablet. Ease of use and functionalities for planning and recording tours as well as experiencing the landscape in panorama mode, are some of the highlights of the app.

Smartphone with cartografic application / Prix Carto 2021 / Master of Swiss Best Apps 2021

New with geology


With the new topic “Geology”, you can find information on the uppermost rock strata at your location. With the new topic “Ice Age” you learn more where Switzerland was covered with ice at maximum during the last ice age. In various regions, interesting geology points can be displayed along the hiking trail network, which are briefly explained.

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Precise and versatile
The swisstopo app shows all National Maps from the scale of 1:10 000 to 1:1 million, as well as aerial photographs, aeronautical maps and historical maps covering the whole of Switzerland. The maps are supplemented by additional information relating to public transport, hiking, cycling, snow sports and aviation. In addition to the official routes of the Swiss hiking trails, the app also contains SwitzerlandMobility routes. Depending on your interests, themes and content can be added to the background map.

Easy to handle and clear
The app's key features include simple usability, easy orientation and the ability to plan, guide and record tours. With the swisstopo app, your own position is displayed directly on the maps or aerial photographs. The coordinates and elevation data of the current location are always known. By searching for places, addresses, or coordinates, any destination can be found quickly.

Discover the panorama mode
You want to know which panorama surrounds you? With one click you look through your camera and the most important places and summits are labelled in the camera image. Or discover the view virtually from any point on the map.

Offline maps
Maps and data can be stored free of charge and without restriction and be used offline. This means that the maps can be used even if mobile network coverage is poor or non-existent. 

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An app as smart as swisstopo

The swisstopo app acts as your expert guide, surprising you in the process with its wide range of features.

picture award "Master of Swiss Apps 2021"

Best Swiss App 2021!

The swisstopo app was named "Master of Swiss Apps 2021". In addition, it received other awards.

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