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About swisstopo


The Federal Office of Topography «measures» Switzerland. It surveys and documents the landscape and the underground, and produces high-quality spatially-referenced geodata. Its most important products include landscape and height models, aerial images, orthophotos, geological data and maps, reference data and of course the well-known series of national maps.

swisstopo: facts and figures

Find out about swisstopo, its map production, number of employees and other facts and figures relating to its wide-ranging activities.

swisstopo - vision and strategic fields of action 2025

The Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo, plays a central role as Switzerland’s geoinformation centre. It is responsible for the collection, management and provision of official geodata and the provision of spatial services. Vision and strategy form the framework for the actions of swisstopo in the next few years.

Financial report and tasks of swisstopo

The swisstopo budget and the tasks allocated to the Federal Office by the Federal Parliament are renewed annually. These guidelines sum up the preliminary budget with an integrated task and finance plan and determine the strategic guidelines and goals for the Federal Office.

Quality and excellence

swisstopo places a great deal of value on quality and client satisfaction in the areas of data, products and services. In recent years it has received numerous awards and certifications.

Your career at swisstopo

Are you interested in a new career challenge? At swisstopo you will find the ideal conditions for your personal and professional development. Bring in your ideas and support the company of today and tomorrow.

Training at swisstopo

swisstopo is committed to training tomorrow’s professionals, both in terms of basic vocational training and during their studies. swisstopo thus offers various apprenticeships as well as university internships and supports Master’s theses in fields relevant to swisstopo.


Important swisstopo projects

Visit swisstopo

Are you interested in how swisstopo measures and documents the Swiss landscape as well as the ground beneath your feet? Would you like to find out how much work goes into getting a map printed? Do you want to discover more about the Federal Office’s role in official surveying? Or would you like to dive into the fascinating world of geodata? Come and peek behind the scenes of the Federal Office of Topography!

Events by and with swisstopo

swisstopo regularly attends public and trade fairs, and organises symposiums on various aspects of geoinformation. Here, you can search for detailed information about our events.

swisstopo Publications

Annual reports, magazines, flyers, brochures and printed newsletters of the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo.

swisstopo Documents

Reports, specialist publications, instruction manuals, product information and presentations of the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo.

Billing and payment methods

Are you a customer of swisstopo and would like to pay by credit card or electronic invoice? Or are you a supplier or service provider who bills swisstopo for your products or services? This page provides information on billing and receiving invoices from swisstopo electronically, and the options for making payments by credit card.

Legal basis

Compilation of articles of the federal constitution, acts and ordinances that regulate the duties, services and responsibilities of the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo.

Accessibility in the federal administration

Digitally available information and services make it easier for people with disabilities to communicate with public authorities Place. This enables social and political participation for everyone.

swisstopo logos

If you work with swisstopo and would like to use one of our logos, we can provide you with the appropriate logo for your report, presentation or website.

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
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